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"I love that Adrián Llaguno is part of the project closing process, because he understands the philosophy of the workshop, the affection I have for each project and each space, he knows my personality and with the eye of an architect he immediately knows what the project requires Many times, even though I have studied the spaces, I discover other angles or moments that I was unaware of. It is exciting to see him work and how the love of the work is reflected in his framing. So seeing his work is doubly exciting. Al In the end, I believe that Adrián is part of the closure of each project."

Arq. Marcela Gonzalez, Director "Oficio Workshop"

"The work of Adrián Llaguno is complemented by his profession and architectural teaching, his work is admirable and necessary for history."

Arch. Mauricio Mastropiero, Publisher "Stilo"
“The work of Architectural Documentation is very important for our office. It helps us to have a good record of the projects in which a lot of time and effort is invested, it has allowed us to sell ourselves as a firm and that people know our work. It is also another way of looking at the projects we design, in an unconventional way or emphasizing the intentions we have when designing.”
Arq. Edna Garza, Garza|Camisay Arquitectos


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